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                                                      We Treat Your Horse Like Family


Semi Private: $35 (Groups no larger than 3 )

Private: $45

Professional Ride: $35


My name is Alex DeMelo, I am 27 years old, and my family owns and operates Cabra Park Stables. My position at Cabra Park Stables is Barn Manager and Coach. I have been teaching riding lesson and summer camps since I was 18 years old and have been riding since I was 2.

The first time I sat on a horse was when I was 2 years old at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and ever since then I have been hooked. I have been riding almost my entire life. When I was 8 years old I started my showing career riding school horses at local hunter shows. Once I turned 12, I started eventing and have been doing it ever since. Along the way I have competed in jumper shows as well as shown up to 2nd level dressage. In eventing, I have competed up to Preliminary and have schooled up to Intermediate. I have qualified in the following years for the Ontario Horse Trials Association (OHTA) Championships as followed:

2008 - 2016

2008- Pre-Training, Roll The Bones

2011- Open Entry, Bay B True

2011-Training, Roll The Bones

2015- Open Entry, Beam Me Up Scotty

2016- Open Entry, Beam Me Up Scotty 

All the horses I have qualified on have been horses I have personally owned. Every horse had no eventing experience prior to me owning them.

I have started two young horses in their eventing careers. My 7 year old appendix gelding started eventing at the age of 4 and is now competing at Pre-Training. He has competed in the 2014-2016 season at OHTA sanctioned events and qualified for the OHTA championships in 2015 and 2016 in the Open Entry division.

My just turned 5 year old TB gelding will be making his schooling shows, SOCTA events, as well as OHTA. My goal for him this year is to qualify for the OHTA championships in the Open Entry division. 

In the past I have had the privilege of riding with Ian Roberts (Olympic Eventer), Martha Griggs (Olympic Eventer), Margie Godson (Eventer), Waylon Roberts (4*/PanAm Eventer), Jessica Phoenix (Olympic Eventer), Ken Hodges (Dressage Rider), Ute Busse (Dressage Rider), Siobhain O’Connor (Event Rider), Vanessa Fenwick (3* Eventer/ Jumper Rider), Holly Jacks-Smithers (4* Eventer), Phillipa Hambley (Eventer), Garry Roque (Olympic Eventer).

In addition to training young horses and competing myself, I have also had the pleasure of bring students along as well. Ranging from beginners who have never been on a horse before, to experienced riders who wish to compete, we have a place for you at Cabra Park Stables. Each lesson is specifically designed to help the needs of the horse and rider to make sure both are able to reach their full potential.

Great 2017- 2018 Memories:

  • Clinics with Jessica Phoenix and Hyde Moffatt
  • Indoor Eventing Series
  • SOCTA CT at Twisted Pine: myself and Rambo/Pre Entry and three of my students in Pre Entry or Pre Entry Dressage.
  • SOCTA HT at Twisted Pine: myself and Rambo for his first Horse Trials in Pre Entry
  • SOCTA HT at Highland Green: myself and Rambo/Pre Entry and two students Pre Entry
  • SOCTA CT at Foxcroft: one student in Pre Entry and Entry Dressage along with one student in Pre Entry Dressage
  • OHTA Event at Caledon: myself and Rambo in Entry and one student in Pre Entry
  • SOCTA CT at Sprucehaven: one student in Novice
  • OHTA Event at Bronte Creek: myself and Rambo in Entry
  • SOCTA CT at Warwick: one student in Novice and one student in Pre Entry
  • SOCTA CT at Sprucehaven: one student in Starter
  • OHTA Event at Cherrylane: myself and Rambo in Entry
  • SOCTA CT at Foxcroft: two students in Novice
  • OHTA Event at Bronte Creek: myself and Rambo in Entry
  • SOCTA HT at Highland Green: one student in Starter

The 2019 season was very busy for me personally and for my students!

There were clinics, competitions and events. We had a great show year - especially the students showing for the first time.

Along with coaching at shows and competing, I was able to continue my lessons with Gary Roque throughout the season.

Coaching for students with their own horses is also available.

Being equipped with coaching insurance enables me to travel to other facilities to give lessons to people who do not board at Cabra Park Stables. Ship In lessons are also welcome, for those who would like to gain experience schooling off property. For those who do not own their own horse, riding one of the Cabra Park Stables horses is also an option. All of our horses here at Cabra Park Stables are extremely well trained and can fit the needs of any type of rider.  

Contact Alex

To book a lesson or if you have any questions about coaching, please text Alex at 905-630-3119. You can also message Alex through our website.